Screen Event Hire

If you're organising an event in Guildhall Square, you may want to consider using the Big Screen to compliment the event. It's simple and easy and gives you exclusive access to the screen to display whatever you like (within our restrictions) for the duration of your booking.

About This Package

  • You'll get exclusive access to display video, or images for the duration, scheduled to play exactly when you want it

  • An on-site operator will be on hand to help you every step of the way

  • An on-site operator can control the event to coincide with your event, to display images when you need them

  • Additionally, you can choose to mute the screen for the duration

  • Or, you can have the screen switched off

Commercial rate per hour: £60
Non-Commercial rate
per hour: £30

Terms: The advertised price is for local (non-national) advertisers/brands only. This package is not available nor open to advertising agencies. Price advertised is subject to change without notice. Portsmouth City Council and The University of Portsmouth have the right to reject any campaigns.


Oliver Ing

Oliver is the Producer of the Big Screen Portsmouth. he is responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the screen from broadcasts, to online content. you can email Oliver on