Step 01


The Big Screen operates much like a commercial television channel, where it shows content with advert breaks. All content submitted must fit within the scheduled slots that last 4 or 7 minutes in length. Therefore, please send us your content if it last between the following durations:

  • 2m30s - 4m00s

  • 5m30s - 7m00s

If your submission is less than 4 or 7 minutes then the producer will add a Big Screen ident to make up this time to fill the schedule.

Step 02


All content should be sent as a 1080p video. The full dimensions of this is as follows:

  • 1920 (w) x 1080 (h) pixels

It will produce the highest quality for your content to be added onto the screen however, it will not actually display in this HD size. Due to the screens actual resolution, it will display as the size listed below. Please do not send your content as the below listed size, the producer will re-encode your content to meet the correct settings of the Big Screen.

  • 1024 (w) x 576 (h) pixels

An easy way to export your footage to meet our requirements is either select “H.264 - High Quality 1080p” or “Quicktime - 1080p” in your export settings.


The producer will re-encode the content you send regardless. But, please note the only accepted formats and send as one of the following:

  • .Mp4

  • .mpg

  • .mov

Step 03

Submissions Policy.

Download and read the Submissions Policy*. This will help you understand what can and can not be added to the Big Screen and may provide reasoning for any rejections during the review process.

*Requires a .pdf reader or Adobe Acrobat.