| STEP 1

| Duration

Your video content or creative advert must meet the
following durations:

Video Content

3 - 4 minutes
6 - 7 minutes

Video Creative Adverts

Standard Package:
30 seconds only

Premium Package:
10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 seconds


Video Formats

All video content should be sent in one of the following formats:


Static Image Formats

All static image content should be sent in one of the following formats:


Aspect Ratio and Sizes

All content — images and videos — should be sent in the following size:

1920 (w) x 1080 (h) pixels - (16:9 1080p)
Images should have 300 dpi

*Actual screen resolution is 1024 (W) x 576 (H) pixels and will display as such. All content is reviewed and encoded by the producer prior to be added.


Online Consent Form

Please complete the below form before sending us your video for display on the Big Screen. We will not show any content where an Online Consent Form has not been completed.

| Step 2

Content Restrictions

Here is a brief summary of what is not allowed to be included in your video content. You can find the full details restrictions in our Guide To The Big Screen.

The following applies to all content:

  • You must own all the content, including the footage and audio. All content must be copyright-free;

  • No depiction of violence;

  • No sex or nudity (including unnecessary expose of the human body);

  • No offensive language;

  • No stereotypical assumptions should be portrayed;

  • No glamorisation of alcohol, drugs, solvents or smoking can be shown;

  • No mention of self-harming or suicide;

  • Footage filmed on an un-stablised mobile phone is not allowed.

The following applies to content only:

  • Only 5 seconds of end title cards allowed, unless sending an advert;

  • No digital on-screen graphics (this excludes those shown in the background of your video).