✓ 6 Adverts an hour
Your 30 second advert will play 6 times each hour.

✓ Multiple duration adverts
By default you can have 6x 30s adverts but, if you want shorter or longer adverts played, then choose from any of the following to play each hour:
6x 30s adverts, 12x 15s adverts or, 18x 10s adverts.

✓ Change your advert for free
Want to change the promotion on the screen? No problem! Update your adverts as frequently as you like with no additional costs.

✓ Proof of posting for free
High-resolution photos of your advert displayed on the Big Screen will be taken and sent to you during this campaign.

✓ One-To-One Contact
With all our packages, we offer a one-to-one contact to support you with your campaign advert's screening on the Big Screen.

✓ 6 and 12 months discount available
The more you buy, the more savings applied. Save up to £600.00 when you purchase 6 or 12 months of the Premium Package while retaining all the benefits.