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2. You accept that Portsmouth City Council (owners of the Big Screen Portsmouth) will have full rights to screen your submission on the Big Screen Portsmouth, located in Guildhall Square. (This does not inhibit you screening the submission elsewhere.) *
3. There may be the possibility of us sharing your submission with other Big Screens across the UK. Would you be interested in this should the opportunity arise? *
4. You accept that the Big Screen Portsmouth team have the right to screen your submission for up to and more than one year. You also accept that we may remove and then later re-add your submission without notice to the schedule. *
5. You accept that the submission you will provide is your own work including all visuals and audio tracks featured on the submission, or that you have permission to use the material. (If any featured material is not your own, please specify to the right.) The Big Screen Portsmouth (Portsmouth City Council and The University of Portsmouth) will not be held liable for any future claims connected to your submission. This includes music that you didn't produce yourself, inserts of the material that you did not capture including stock images or videos, graphics, animations and logos. You accept that you will take full responsibility for this submission and it's content. *
6. I accept that the parental information I have provided is correct and that I have sourced the permission of all minors (under 18 years of age) in this submission. *
7. Big Screen Portsmouth is located in a public open space, the audience can not turn the screen off or avoid the content being shown. Therefore we have to consider this and accept that people of any age groups can be subjected to your submission. You accept that your content does not break any restrictions specified in our Guide To The Big Screen including elements of sex, violence, drug use or subversion, swearing or nudity. *
8. You accept that your material will not bring the Big Screen Portsmouth or Portsmouth City Council or The University of Portsmouth into disrepute or be defamatory. *
9. You accept that any copies of material that is posted to us, emailed or transferred to us via the World Wide Web, will not be returned. *
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Further Terms
You understand that by pressing the submit button below, you are confirming that all of the information that has been entered above is accurate and that all of the terms and conditions have been agreed to. You accept that your decision is final after submitting this form in reference to the submission that you send to us. Please also note, your submission will be reviewed in line with our submissions policy before uploaded to the Big Screen Schedule and that you accept that it may still be rejected if any terms and conditions are not met or if we suspect any information to be inaccurate. You will be notified of the outcome.