Learn More About The Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association On The Big Screen


From today through to next Friday (24 March) you can learn and discover some of the work taking place at the Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association (PDSA) through a 2 minute awareness video. 

The video provides great detail on the work takes place at the association to help those with Down Syndrome within our community. 

You will be able to watch the video every 15 minutes on the Big Screen for the next week and like the PDSA's Facebook page to learn more.

Holocaust Memorial Day - Friday, 27 January 17

Holocaust Memorial day is set to return to the Big Screen, presented by The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust on Friday, 27 January 2017. 

This year, the Big Screen will be playing a specially commissioned video (full detail below) throughout the day and you can join a special service which will be held at the D-Day Museum on Clarence Parade, Portsmouth.

Information about the video and this year's theming has been posted below from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust:

"t the age of eight, Bea Green witnessed the aftermath of the violent public humiliation of her father, carried out on the streets of Munich. Bea fled Nazi Germany in 1939, but this shocking incident left a lasting impact.

The treatment of Bea’s father was encouraged by Nazi law - because he was Jewish. Such persecution is unlawful here in the UK, but people still face discrimination because of their faith, sexual orientation, race or disability.

Our film challenges us to think about how we can support those who face hostility today and create a safer society together.

o raise awareness of HMD 2017 and this year’s theme How can life go on? we are encouraging everyone to share our film and support those who face intolerance in our own communities."