A Great Turn Out For The 2018 Royal Opera House Events At The Big Screen Portsmouth


We're thrilled to share that the Big Screen Portsmouth had one of the highest turn outs in years for the Royal Opera House events, hosted in Guildhall Square. 

Hundreds of you joined us to watch Swan Lake, La Boheme and Don Giovanni from June through to July in 2018. These events took place three times over the summer period and no wonder you all turned out, as the weather seemingly complimented each event.

Additionally this year, the Big Screen offered extra comfort to guests by means of free blow up cushions as well as ponchos to protect them from any rain, if needed. As the weather was stunning each evening, these ponchos will now be kept with us for next year's events.

We also handed out the stunning programme which this year also had a fantastic competition that was being run by The Royal Opera House that would see two guests whisked off to London this December to see The Nutcracker and dinner for two. (Don't forget to post off your entries before those close, if you joined us and are reading this!)

The live streams are organised by the Royal Opera House in partnership with BP who together formed the #BPBigScreens partnership, who beam their performances to many screens located across the UK including Bristol, Swansea, Woolwich and Leeds. The events themselves though are organised by the events team at Portsmouth City Council in partnership with The University of Portsmouth. 

While the season may have drawn to a close with three stunning performances broadcast from London, we're expecting to be able to announce the return of these events for the 2019 season.

Stay tuned to the Big Screen Portsmouth News page for the latest.

Introducing "The Big Screen Content" New Programming Slots

From Monday 16 January 2017, The Big Screen Portsmouth will be introducing four brand new "Big Screen Content" slots of programming that will specialise on four unique categories. This is designed to showcase the city of Portsmouth and all the talent that resides within, from upcoming and rising music artists to photographers as well as local film makers, animators and shows produced by students of The University of Portsmouth. The new segments will provide really engaging content for viewers to engage with as they walk through Guildhall Square. 

The full list of slots will be made available with programming times on our newly updated SCHEDULE page on our website. However today, we're proud to be launching with the following:

  • Big Screen Live Music | 10am & 4pm, daily
  • Big Screen Photography | 11am, 2pm & 5pm, daily
  • Big Screen CCI TV | 12pm, daily
  • Big Screen Portsmouth Content | 3pm & 6pm, daily

We hope you enjoy our new content slots and, if you're a local artist or have something you feel you can add into one of these new slots, please do feel free to get in touch with us and add your content onto the screen!