Valentines Day Messages Return To The Big Screen (closed)

Apologies, you may be looking for our Star Wars event after our emailed link was incorrect. If you were looking for this, please follow THIS LINK to be taken to that article. 


For the past three years the Big Screen has been displaying your Valentine's messages and we're happy to let you know that this feature will return for free to the Big Screen for 2018.

The people of Portsmouth are invited to submit messages for display on the Big Screen between now and 3pm on Monday, 12 February. These will all be moderated prior to being approved, but the love messages will be displayed from 09:15am and for the rest of the day on Wednesday, 14 February.

Sorry, the form is now closed and we are no longer accepting further valentine's day messages for 2018. 

We make no guarantee that your message will be displayed on Valentine's Day, but all successfully approved messages that are displayed will be photographed and emailed to you. The sender of unsuccessful messages will not be contacted.