Today At 2:00 PM Watch "The Longest Night" Film On The Big Screen

The Big Screen Portsmouth will show the film, “The Longest Night” today at 2:00 PM.

78 years ago today, Portsmouth experienced one of the worst nights that had ever affected the city and its people. More than 65 bombing raids took place between 1940 and 1941 which we now refer to as “The Blitz”.

In 2005, Sue Turner formed a team to record eye witness accounts of the blitz on Portsmouth of January 10th 1941 and applied and received Lottery funding for the project. Directed by Michael Finlason, "The Longest Night" was produced and edited by Sue with the intention of distributing as many copies as possible on DVD to the people of Portsmouth to ensure that this important piece of the history of the City was not lost.

Containing eye-witness accounts from many of those alive on the night who are now gone, this documentary reminds the inhabitants of Portsmouth how the City endured one of the most destructive bombing raids on the South Coast of the Second World War.