Remembrance Sunday Service In Portsmouth's Guildhall Square Will Be Shown On The Big Screen

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Remembrance Sunday — Armistice Centenary will be shown live on the Big Screen in Guildhall Square, Portsmouth on Sunday, 11 November 2018.

From 10:30 AM, watch the full ceremony as crowds gather around Guildhall Square to watch veterans and current military personnel march and salute in remembrance of the First World War.

The Remembrance Service will be preceded by a parade of Veterans, Military Personnel and Youth Groups in the Guildhall Square at 10:30am.  At 11:00am there will be a two-minute silence followed by the Service. A wreath laying ceremony at the WWI and WWII memorials will conclude the morning’s events.  If you intend to lay a wreath, please ensure that you arrive before 10.30am and make yourself known to a marshal who will direct you.

The wreath laying ceremony will be held at the cenotaph where we’ll provide full video coverage on the Big Screen for those who may not have a great view. The broadcast coverage will be provided by students studying the BSc Television and Broadcasting course at the University of Portsmouth with staff supporting them throughout.

Later in the day another event at Southsea Castle will be held, Battle's Over - Last Post and Beacon Lighting where This is a commemoration inspired by a comment made on 3rd August 1914 by Britain’s Foreign Minister, Sir Edward Grey.  He was looking out of his office window at dusk as gas lights were being lit along London’s Mall when he remarked to a friend, “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”

Our country was about to be plunged into the darkness of the First World War, and it would be four long years before Britain and Europe would again experience the light of peace. In remembrance of the end of the war and the millions who were killed or came home dreadfully wounded, Beacons of Light will be lit around the country at 7pm on 11th November 2018.

The event will also commemorate the huge army of men and women on the home front who, often in dangerous and exhausting conditions, underpinned the war effort - keeping the wheels of industry turning and bringing home the harvests. The beacons will symbolise the light of hope that emerged from the darkness of war.

7:05pm - As beacons blaze around the country, bells in 1,000 churches and cathedrals will ring out in celebration of the end of the First World War.  The stirring sound of church and cathedral bells will provide a fitting conclusion to a day of contemplation, commemoration and, ultimately, celebration as our country and other nations reflect on events a century ago on the battlefields of Europe and at home in our factories and farms.