"Southsea Showreel" Added To The Big Screen

Today, we've added a video that highlights the life of Southsea, shot on land, in the air and over the sea. Jamie Hancock, a professional windsurfer and CAA licensed remote piloted aircraft system pilot (RPAS) based in Portsmouth has produced an outstandingly beautiful video that perfectly showcases the calming and unique feel of Southsea.

Jamie said, "I like to try and produce films that inspire people and this was just for fun while at home. I regularly travel all over the world windsurfing and filming. But while I spent this summer at home in Southsea I needed to practice for my flight assessment to gain my drone license, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to set the alarm and try capture some of the amazing sunrise' that we have at the same time."

He adds "I often walk the dog early and always wish I had the camera and drone with me. After capturing some great shots with the drone I felt that there was more happening along the seafront than just the morning sunrise, so I went and filmed some other things over a few evenings when the light was nice and this short film was the outcome. The seafront is perfect and always has stuff going on. Portsmouth is a lovely city and I just wanted to show that, this video is just a very small highlight of everything the city has to offer."