Shaun Roster Adds Photographs Of HMS Queen Elizabeth Arriving Into Portsmouth On The Big Screen

HMS Queen Elizabeth arrived into Portsmouth on Wednesday, 16 August 2017 and local photographer, Shaun Roster was in Old Portsmouth to capture the moment she arrived. 

Shaun's photographs tell the story of her arrival. From her making her 'S' shape to being able to successful journey towards her port, to the helicopter flyby and of course, her voyaging passing the iconic Spinnkaer Tower. Shaun has done a fantastic job at highlighting the spectacle moment she arrived into Portsmouth.

You can watch the video from today that features 7 of Shaun Roster's photos on the Big Screen within our photography slots that play between 11am - 12pm as well as 2pm - 3pm. The video will also be available to watch on our Youtube Channel later this week.

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