Royal Naval Volunteering Band Festival


The Royal Naval Volunteer Band Festival will take place in Guildhall Square with concert band performances following in The Guildhall on Saturday, 7 July. 

Starting the outdoor precession in Guildhall Square will be HMS Drake performing from 09:00 AM and will be followed by HMS Nelson, HMS Seahawk, HMS Collingwood, the Royal Navy Pipe Band Association, HMS Sultan, HMS Neptune, HMS Heron, Northwood HQ and finally ending at 11:55 AM with BRNC.

The Guildhall will then further host concert performances from 1:00 PM.

Guildhall Square will pay host and the Big Screen will support the event from 08:30 AM - 12:30 PM. Those coming into the city the University Open Day are welcome to join and watch the festival throughout the morning.