Photos: Portsmouth Enjoys The Royal Opera In Guildhall Square

On Tuesday evening, the sun was beaming across Guildhall Square as people from all across the South Coast joined us for the free screening of La Traviata.

The evenings entertainment opened with pre-show content hosted by special guest, God Wan who also opened Act I. The square was filled with more than 200 people, who came to watch the Royal Opera beam to the Big Screen Portsmouth with thanks to the partnership between BP and the Royal Opera House. 

These are just a few photos of the early set up of the event, before many more people joined us when the opera began at 7pm.

If you missed this performance don't worry, our final Royal Opera House event for summer 2017 will take place on Friday, 14 July 2017 with Turandot from 7pm. Full details on this free performance can be found here.