On-Screen Brand Updates

This week, we've been slowly introducing a new on-screen brand that continues to deliver important information to our audience but much easier to read and engage with. These are just some of the step we're taking to improve the Big Screen Portsmouth experience.

We have introduced a new font, that's thick and is easy to read on the screen. We can now display more information at a reduced font size that's still easy to understand at distance while looking at the Big Screen. 

So far, we've refreshed our News introduction video that plays every 30 minutes on the screen. This video includes some iconic shots of Portsmouth and is a true testament that further establishes our commit to being a cultural content focused screen in Portsmouth for Portsmouth. 

We've also updated our events guide. We're now displaying full screen photos while showing all the important information about each free event, now for even longer on the screen. The events guide is a fantastic opportunity for organisers to advertise their free events to the public by uploading them to visitportsmouth.co.uk for free!

We feel that the brand updates make the important information on the screen, that bit more engaging and we'll continue to make tweaks and updates throughout the year to ensure the best viewing experience to our audiences. 

Feedback is alway important to us. Please do comment your thoughts of the update below, once you've seen it on the screen.

Oliver Ing, Big Screen Portsmouth Producer