New Music Video Added From "The Stayawakes"


If you’re looking for a band to soundtrack your summer then look no further than The Stayawakes. The Southsea five piece have perfected a delicately sweet blend of Replacements-esque grit and Lemonheads pop-fuelled wanderlust that will make your heart swell on the Big Screen Portsmouth, Guildhall Square.

“While scratching around for ideas for the Inevitable Truth video we were fortunate enough to be approached by the super-talented Michael Middleton-Downer. He has an awesome back catalogue to date, so we were stoked! Mike put together a treatment based on the vibe he was getting from the song; he wanted the video to have a pumped up summer feeling with a hint of nostalgia.

We added some personal nostalgia to the mix also. Andrew once asked a barber in 1989 to cut his hair like Ralph Macchio, from a desire when growing-up to be like Daniel Larusso from Karate Kid. He finally got his chance in this shoot. Jimmy didn’t care about the storyline, so long as he got to dust off his skateboard and pull a few boneless shove-its.

It was also important to us that we recorded it in our hometown of Southsea. The Clarence Pier Amusements has heaps of atmosphere and ended up being the perfect setting for the video.”

‘Dogs And Cats / Living Together’ will be released Monday 11th June through Surefire Discs, badHORROR Recordings and ShoveItUpYourCult Records and will be available digitally from all good online retailers as well as on CD, cassette and vinyl formats.

The Big Screen will show the music video every 3 hours for you to enjoy!