Marley Blandford Adds New Music Video

Screenshot 2018-09-26 at 11.06.44.png

Another new music video has been added to the Big Screen today from Portsmouth performer, Marley Blandford. The Victorious Festival performer has previously had his song “A Shooting Star Ain’t A Sign Of Love” played on the screen and so we’re delighted to announce that we’re can add, “Hiraeth” starting today as you pass through the square.

In an interview, Marley explains where the inspiration for the song came from:

I met Janet when I opened a show for her back in 2016. We met up in 2017 and did some writing sessions and this song came from that. After some lyrical ideas, she mentioned that it reminded her of "Hiraeth" and we both felt inspired to write about it. It's a Welsh word - a feeling of homesickness and/or nostalgia for a home/place that you cannot return to, or one that may have not even existed in the first place, a strange feeling that we've both felt before. We managed to write this in one afternoon. It was great day & I've always loved Janet's music so it was wicked being able to work with her.

The new song and video will play in the daily content slots on the Big Screen from today. If you’re a local musician with a music video you want to showcase, then follow the upload links above and submit your videos for review today!