Local Photographer, Guilhem Brandy Adds Beautiful Images Of Portsmouth Onto The Big Screen

Local photographer Guilhem Brandy, adds beautiful imagery of Portsmouth onto the Big Screen. Guilhem is a French photographer who has been living in Southsea for more than 3 years.

Speaking to the Big Screen Portsmouth  he described what he love of photography and Portsmouth.

"I like linger on the lights and colors of the morning or the evening in Southsea shores or Langstone Harbour, I catch life spots in Old Portsmouth. But the basic picture-taking remains my true passion, I likes strong colors, soft or bright, and the subtlety of the B&W leaving more room of the viewer imagination. Hunter of hidden details, of surprising light in natural and urban landscapes, in my portraits I also try to shows people's flair and mood."

A collection  of photos have been added today for viewing on the Big Screen within the new content slots and if you see something you like, Guilhem sells his photos through the Southsea Gallery and you can see more on his website at brandy-photo.com.