Hampshire Police Launch New Awareness Campaign On The Big Screen

Today, Hampshire Police along with PARCS (Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service) and The University of Portsmouth have launched an awareness campaign of the laws surrounding sexual assault on the Big Screen.

These new digital posters will be posted on the Big Screen during the nighttime economy safety messaging times that run between 11pm and 3am each day with the intention of aiming those leaving nighttime entertainment venues. People will passing the Big Screen in Guildhall Square may be reminder that there are possible life imprisonment consequences if they're not fully aware of the laws concerning sexual assault.

The Big Screen continues to act as a community screen even through the night, with on going work continue to update the messaging through the partnership of Portsmouth City Council along with The University of Portsmouth while working with Hampshire Police and The Safer Portsmouth Partnership.

Further information on the sexual offences act 2003 concerning sexual assault act can be found here

Be safe, be certain.