Discover Your Inner Poirot In A City Wide Manhunt Event This Saturday, 21 October

To celebrate the hottest film release of the year - Murder on the Orient Express - Twentieth Century Fox and CluedUpp Games have teamed-up to put on a big, city-wide, virtual murder-mystery extravaganza!

Competing with hundreds of other players on the day, your team of would-be Poirot's will be tasked with solving the murder of nightclub owner Jimmy Johnson - who's been found dead on his very own dancefloor!

Hunting across the city, your squad of detectives will need to track down the 18 virtual-witnesses placed all over town, eliminating suspects and ruling-out murder weapons as you go - but do you have what it takes to solve a city-wide murder mystery?

During this unique, virtual event, you'll be given a murder case file (delivered via ur award-winning vent pp) that provides you with: 

- 18 virtual witnesses to ocate (think Pokemon-Go style!)
- 14 possible suspects to eliminate
- 5 possible murder weapons to rule out
- Cryptic clues nd complex alibi's o unravel
- Red herrings to avoid
- idden features to uncover
- 1 MURDERER o bring to justice!

It's just like real-life Cluedo! But will your team e good enough to atch the killer? Maybe you'll grab one of our awesome trophies for the following categories:

- Fastest Team
- Best Fancy Dress (Poirot Theme)
- Best Team Photo
- Best Team Name
- Best Little Detective (Kids prize!)
- Best K9 Unit (For Dogs!)

Even better, Twentieth Century Fox are offering cinema tickets for the best Poirot themed fancy dress on the day and the best individual costume!

For videos, more info and to get a full event pack, please visit the link below: