Big Screen Switch Off (12-15 July 2019)

Due to building maintenance, the Big Screen Portsmouth will be switched off between 6:00 PM, Friday 12 July - 09:00 AM, Monday 15 July 2019.

Advertising and planned coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships will not be shown during the above listed times. If the work is completed earlier, we will endeavour to return the screen to planned programming.

Advertising will be automatically extended to fulfil the bookings but we apologise for any inconvenience the may cause.

Update: 18:01, Friday 12 July 2019 - The Big Screen has been switched off.

Update 08:46, Monday 15 July 2019 - The Big Screen has resumed to normal operation.

New Daily News Slot For That's Solent TV


Today, we’re pleased to welcome That’s Solent TV as a provider of news content for the Big Screen Portsmouth.

Starting Monday 21 January at 1:45 PM, you will be able to enjoy an additional 15 minutes of news content that will cover Portsmouth and some surrounding areas. Items relating to events, culture, entertainment, research and current affairs will be shown in this new week-daily news programme.

That’s Solent TV produce a nightly news show on Freeview Channel 7 and today we’re delighted to welcome this new opportunity to display further news items on the Big Screen, in additional to the already scheduled, BBC News at 7am, 1pm and 6pm.

The daily news pieces will be compiled of news stories from the week as shown on That’s Solent TV.

New Year, New Updates

Happy New Year!

2019 is here and we wanted to share some updates that you might see across our website and on the Big Screen to help improve your experience of the service we provide.

Changes to uploading content

Firstly, we’ve tweaked the website to help you upload content. We now have three dedicated pages to help make it easier for content producers, advertisers and event organisers to upload content for display on the Big Screen. Each page has been recreated to provide a bespoke experience. Simply select the service from the dropdown menu on the Big Screen home page and select what you wish to upload and then follow the easy steps to submit your content.

New idents


Next, we’ve updated our on screen idents, that brand the Big Screen. They look a lot like the visual graphic displayed to the left of this paragraph and will play on the Big Screen. These eventually will be branded and offered to businesses as part of a sponsorship opportunity.


We want our news and events we share to be more engaging and so we’ve renamed our news section to blog with the intention of writing more about the lifestyle of events and information we can share with you.


The Big Screen online schedule will continue to display all of the upcoming programmes we’ve scheduled but it will now be clearer as to which day some repeated programmes such as BBC News are shown on.

Guide to the Big Screen

We’re always working to redevelop the policies in place to updating the rules of content submissions and so again in the near future, we will be reviewing the Big Screen Guide to the Big Screen.