Big Screen Supports The Wildlife Trusts’ National '30 Days Wild' Challenge

Today we're excited to share that the Big Screen is working to support The Wildlife Trusts’ national 30 Days Wild challenge, encouraging everyone to do a little something in nature every day during June – whether it’s taking a tea break outside, following a bumblebee around or having a picnic. It’s mainly light-hearted accessible things that anyone can do to get the most out of this great time of year.

Starting today and throughout the rest of June we'll be sharing 30-days-worth of images and videos. So far 30,000 people have signed up across the UK after last year which became very popular on social media, with people tweeting or posting about #30DaysWild every 3.5 seconds at its peak in early June - making it more popular than #Springwatch and other similar topics.

Join us each day at the top of the hour in Guildhall Square to see some of the fantastic images we'll be posting.