Advertising Notice: Oktoberfest Will Interrupt Scheduling On The Big Screen

Due to the expansive construction of this year's Octoberfest event we ask those considering to use the Big Screen for advertising to postpone the dates of their campaigns if they fall between Thursday, 5 October - Thursday, 12 October.

Construction will begin on Friday, 29 September where the tents will be set up for the event in Guildhall Square for Friday, 6 and Saturday, 7 October. While construction is set up, the screen will remain visible to the passing public. However, we will monitor the visibility of the screen before determining which dates to cancel the schedule, due tot he screen being fully covered.

Current advertisers have been contacted in advance and have been offered an addition weeks advertising for no additional cost. Those wishing to advertise with us are asked to wait, if they can, until Thursday, 12 October where the site should be cleared and returned to normal daily operations.

We apologise if this causes any inconvenience.