'Acidification' New Animation By Julien Masson Added Onto The Big Screen

This week, Julien Masson added another animation on the Big Screen which is titled, 'Acidification' which will play within our Portsmouth Content, daily.

Talking about his latest work, Julien said," My latest piece is inspired by Ocean acidification and the impact of plastic pollution in the marine ecosystem.

I explore the possibility of nature adapting to an environment of our own making where conditions are so extreme we cannot even survive ourselves. And the concept of Nature we talk about to designate our planet's ecological environment is seen from a human perspective.
If we take our environment for granted we might see our position of dominant species change.

Extremophiles have survived in conditions that might seem impossible to us. This video piece is a reflection on how nature could evolve into new life forms."

You can watch the highlight elegant video play daily on the Big Screen every day this week.