| One year sponsorship
Your 30 second advert will play 6 times each hour

| 30s of promotion, each hour, each day for one year
Your promotion will be played for 15 seconds prior to two of our events guide slots every hour.

| Change the promotion up to 12 times
Want to change the promotion on the screen, no problem! Update your adverts as frequently as you like with this package

| Production included
This sponsorship will include all the production such as a pre-determined voiceover and digital graphics artwork.

| One-off great price
At just £600 (including VAT) this is a great, affordable option for businesses in the local area.

| Discounts off other packages and a continuation option
Get 10% up to three Premium or Standard Packages during the dates of this sponsorship (1 August 2019 - 31 July 2020). Also, receive further discount if you wish to continue your sponsorship after 31 July 2020.


Limited-Time only. Only 2 available to local businesses. On offer until 29 June 2019 or if both packages are purchased. The graphical and voiceover artists are pre-determined and produced by the Big Screen Portsmouth. This offer is available to applicable business types only - see our submissions policy for full details. Advertising terms and conditions also apply. Price includes VAT. Available on a first-come first-serve basis only.

No payments are taken online but you can place your order now using the link below:

| August 2019
W/c 1 August - Availability: Great ○○ Place order