About The Big Screen


The Big Screen Portsmouth is brought to you by Portsmouth City Council in partnership with The University of Portsmouth. We offer the community an exclusive platform to further display their work to thousands of people, daily. Located at the heart of Portsmouth, the aim is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire through the content we broadcast.



Portsmouth was chosen as one of eight cities to host a Big Screen by the London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).  A £400k Big Screen was installed ahead of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. The project was funded by LOCOG through the National Lottery and four sponsors: BT, Lloyds TSB, Cisco and Cadburys.


The Portsmouth screen was part of the UK’s largest network of screens for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, known as the London 2012 Live Site network consisting of 23 screens across the UK. It was a place to experience the excitement of the Games featuring live and exclusive content, live events and taster sessions of various Olympic and Paralympic sports.

At the end of December 2012, following the dissolution of LOCOG, they and the four sponsors ended their involvement with the screen and it was ‘gifted’ to Portsmouth City Council (PCC).

Craig Willcocks, Portsmouth City Council, was made Producer of the Big Screen and oversaw the full operation.


Portsmouth City Council partnered with The University of Portsmouth to continue the development and maintenance of the screen. This partnership allows The University of Portsmouth a set 4.8 hours worth of content per day, whose purpose is to only further engage with the community. 

Whilst being partnered with the university, the screen remains to be part of the previously existing LOCOG (see 2008 for details) network and regularly meet to discuss networked content and events, such as the partnership with The Royal Opera House to display their live events from London.

Oliver Ing, University of Portsmouth, was appointed Producer of the Big Screen and assumed operational duties from Craig.


The Big Screen Portsmouth signs with GPM 360 to facilitate national advertising campaigns.


Both Portsmouth City Council and The University of Portsmouth sign to extend the partnership of the Big Screen Portsmouth for a further three years, to complete May 2021.

Oliver Ing, University of Portsmouth, has remained as the Producer and continues in the role as previously appointed.

The Team

Oliver Ing

Multimedia Producer and Producer of the Big Screen Portsmouth
University of Portsmouth

Oliver is in charge of the overall output of the Big Screen Portsmouth. This includes content, scheduling, social media, online presence, business liaison, live events and public relations.

Call: 02392 84 2721

Sarah Day

Events Officer
Portsmouth City Council

Sarah manages the local portfolio of creative advertising campaigns as well as overseeing our event bookings. Sarah also reports back to Portsmouth City Council in liaison with the producer of the Big Screen.

Call: 02392 84 1400